Also known as the silicon valley of India. Bangalore has few leading wedding These were the leading banquet location in the city of Bangalore. The wedding venue in Bangalore is utterly amazing and easy to book as well. The place here has several plus points as well. 

The wedding venue in Bangalore has a good amount of facilities. Like options of Outdoor as well as indoor hubs. 


From the eastern suburb of Bangalore. Located on the outer ring road, and named after the famous origin. The place resides for multiple Wedding venues in Bangalore.

The location dwells at a location that is really favorable to the ones booking it. Mostly a residential location that favours a lot of Wedding venues.


Mainly the shopping hub for people in Bangalore. The location brings the major half of the city into the craziest of restaurants, pubs and fancy bars. 

Originating in the era of globalisation,the wedding venues in Bangalore are just the ray of light needed at the right place of Wedding fiesta.


Closer to the botanical garden of Bangalore, this particular location has the most traditional form of wedding venues in Bangalore. 

Famous for multiple temples and Hindu worshipping sides of the place. A beautiful residential area that developed among the best of Wedding venues.

venue in Bangalore

Sanjay Nagar

The leading residential area of Bangalore. The wedding venues here are comparatively newer and young. Built-in the late seventies. This is one of the most popular residential hubs. 

Also a shopping paradise for the people in Bangalore. This place brings light on the wedding venue decoration as well. 

JP Nagar

Located at the southern half of Bangalore, named after Jayprakash Narayana Nagar. This is also a leading residential area of Bangalore.

The pricing of this place is quite high as a wedding venue in Bangalore. The reason behind this is quite simple, because of the posh locality of JP Nagar. 

Electronic city

Located in the Anekal Taluk of Bangalore. This is the leading place for the name of Bangalore. The silicon valley of India, name came for the origin of this particular place. 

The place is quite posh as well for the varied IT sector companies. That makes the banquet pricing quite high. The wedding venue in Bangalore is sparsely available in this particular place. 

Maruti Nagar

Known as Maruti Nagar because of the name of this place itself. Located in the residential colony of Maruti Nagar. It has multiple reasonable Wedding venues in the city. 

venue in Bangalore


One of the suburban area of Bangalore. This is near to HBR location of the city. Multiple Wedding venues in Bangalore are located in this area. 

It has several shopping centres of the city and is truly the heart of the city.

RR Nagar

Located in the south western part of Bangalore. Rajarajeshwari Nagar has some really good residential arenas of Bangalore.

All the wedding venue in Bangalore, is widely available here. The place connects to Mysore road, and quite good Wedding Decoraters. 


This is the educational hub of the Silicon Valley of India. All the IT companies, colleges and hostels dwell a good part of the city. 

But few Wedding venue in Bangalore are located in this particular place. 

These were the leading banquet location in the city of Bangalore. The wedding venue in Bangalore is utterly amazing and easy to book as well. 


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