Does arousal raise blood pressure?

Does arousal raise blood pressure?

Arousal itself does cause blood pressure to rise. There will be some increase in raise blood pressure just before the ejaculation. This increase in blood pressure is for a short duration. The pressure comes within minutes of ejaculation.

A man with controlled raise blood pressure has no issue with arousal state, but uncontrolled blood pressure can make the erection process difficult to achieve. Arousal needs a free flow of blood towards the pelvic area for an erection. The blood vessels get dilated in arousal state, as nitric oxide is released in blood vessels when the nervous system is triggered by the signal from the brain. Any male who already has a blood pressure issue will find erection after arousal difficulty to achieve.

Some rise in blood pressure is normal

Males do experience some raise blood pressure after ejaculation. It is a normal part of the entire arousal stage and its culmination is in ejaculation. During the arousal state, some hormones are released by the adrenal gland. These are epinephrine and norepinephrine. It leads to an increase in blood pressure with faster heart rates. There is an increase in blood pressure from the time of the peak of arousal to some minutes after ejaculation.

The males or youngsters who masturbate also face the same normal rise in blood pressure during peak arousal moments. The blood pressure from arousal will never be a problem for you or other vital body parts. This is a normal process.

Control blood pressure issue through medicines

Males with high blood pressure problems, who fear that during the arousal state, there may be worsening of the situation can, consult medical experts. Check blood pressure through lifestyle changes, diet change, exercises and medication. Blood pressure medicines, all not, but some cause erectile dysfunction in males. However, drugs induced erectile dysfunction is temporary. With the completion, of course, males get back normal erection. But if there is an extension of blood pressure induced erectile dysfunction, then ED medicines are suggested.

ED medicines lower blood pressure as well

Males with erectile dysfunction are prescribed  Generic Cialis 60 mg Online Tadalafil as an erection booster. The doctor checks the degree of erectile difficulty to prescribe the right dose. The medicine relaxes blood vessels to allow a greater flow of blood towards the male organ. The relaxation and subsequent dilation of blood vessels, in fact, decrease blood pressure, so blood passes smoothly. By following guidelines, the male with blood pressure induced erectile issue can safely complete the intimate session.

Blood pressure medicines and ED drugs react strongly creating adverse events. There has to be a gap of 24 hours between use of blood pressure medicines and erection boosting medicine. In case a male is prescribed Sildenafil citrate 200mg a higher dose severe erectile case, the gap has to be 36 hours, as this drug has a longer influence period.

Risk to males with uncontrolled blood pressure

There have been cases of males suffering heart stroke from excitement during arousal. All these males had blood pressure issues of higher levels. The normal increase in blood pressure during arousal increased their blood pressure limit to dangerous levels. Consult the medical expert before initiating intimate sessions, which may lead to arousal.

Understand the difference between arousals caused blood pressure and blood pressure issue

Blood pressure is a threat to your ability to get an erection. The arousal can happen but the erection will never take place as damage to blood vessels reduces the blood flow towards the male organ. The intensity of your blood pressure problem decides the erection degree you can get. A man with high blood pressure cannot get sufficient blood flow to the male organ. Doctors then prescribe Generic Levitra 60 mg to overcome higher erection resistance.  Its turn comes when smaller doses fail to give the desired result.

Blood pressure from arousal will not do any damage to your health. But constant blood pressure without arousal state itself is a health risk. It creates a condition for erectile dysfunction, which is a male weakness. Whenever a male with high blood pressure goes into the arousal stage, the pressure will further increase its negative impacts. The high blood pressure during the climax can put tremendous stress on the heart. Normally the heart has to withstand stress during intense physical activity. With high blood pressure, the stress in the heart without adequate blood flow could cause heart stroke. So treat blood pressure problems before going into the arousal stage.


Blood pressure increase during arousal state is a normal phenomenon. It is not harmful to raise blood pressure. The pressure comes down after ejaculation. However, males who have blood pressure problems prior to increases in pressure during arousal state need medical help. Keep blood pressure in check to make it possible to go into an arousal state without health risks.

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